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Nikola Tesla

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TheOctoberSky.com is a place for true explorers.

TheOctoberSky.com was initially running as a page on FaceBook, is very popular for its posts over ancient civilizations, Spirituality, Astronomy etc, constantly trying to explore the universe and break down the mysteries,  created in 2015 and is today widely recognized as a very popular news media page.

Our goal is to offer you the best news from the past, present and future.

We have over thousand articles available in our facebook page online and we are going to publish here more on daily basis.

Subjects we specialize in are ancient mysteries, ancient history, archaeology, cutting-edge science, astronomy, mind and brain, wonders of nature and unexplained phenomena.

What is different and unique about us is that we combine scientific research with out-of-the-box perspectives.

We are having a very good fan base of around 28,000 interested followers with in very short time and we are proud to say that, we reach more than 100,000 people for each week through Facebook.