The wound is the place where the light enters you

‘The wound is the place where the light enters you’ a beautiful quote from the 13th century Sufi philosopher Rumi has got a great and deep meaning.

Besides his other works, some of his quotes are still an inspiration for many around the world.

In this quote, Rumi blended his thoughts on the suffering, ego, hurt and the almighty god. Here the light represents knowledge, consciousness, and God.

When everything is going good, during our good times we are enjoying our Ego and there is a chance that we might not continue the spiritual practices. And when our life hit with bad luck, during the hard times we suffer a lot and during which we might turn ourselves towards almighty/ god.

The suffering or hurt what we undergo would take us into our deeper state of consciousness and many questions arises in our heart, this state of suffering was beautifully mentioned by Rumi as ‘A Wound’, so this state of being will make the individual think about ‘Himself’ and the almighty god and sooner or later he will understand more about the true essence of life and the real meaning of God, this entire process was simplified and mentioned by rumi as ‘Light Entry’ to the life of individual.




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